Traveling to Australia? Check Out Their Zoos and Beaches.

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A friend of mine went to school in Australia and he absolutely loved it there. He has since returned, but he brought back some great stories and cool adventures.

He traveled all over while he was there seeing some pretty amazing sites. A few of the things he enjoyed the most was the wildlife, zoos and beaches.

This guy is really into animals. He just loves them. He went to check out many of their zoos. He said his favorite was the Taronga zoo. In fact he says it might be his favorite zoo ever. He did meet a pretty girl there who he dated for a while, so maybe that is why. ;) He’d get his Taronga zoo discount ticket with his student ID and take his girlfriend there a lot. He told me if I ever go to Australia I have to check it out.

He would also tell me how much he loved the beaches. In fact he got into surfing there. It might have even been his girlfriend that taught him how to surf. I guess she was quite good. After surfing he would free dive on the reefs for hours.

Sounds like he had a pretty good time over there. He said it is a must see place at least once in your life.

I plan on going to Australia some day and I hope that day is soon. You should go too!

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An Incredible Travel Chair

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If you are traveling to someplace like Copper Creek Ranch then we have something you should check out.

This is a chair that can fold up and fit in your pocket.  It is a pretty amazing little device.  Its called the pocket chair.  This little chair is perfect for a traveling person.  You can put it in your purse, or bag, or pocket, pretty much anywhere.

This is especially great if you like to hike because it is small and lightweight.

You really should check it out.  Go to pocket chair and you can check out some great reviews and information about the cool new device.

What is the best traveling workout?

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Some people say that when traveling it is to difficult to bring a workout and use it on the road.  This just isn’t the case anymore.  So many cool workouts exist that you can travel with.

The best one that comes to mind is the TRX suspension training system.  This system is incredible and it can roll up into a small portion of your travel bag.  on top of that you can get really good 2011 trx coupon codes to help you save money when you make your trx purchase.  They can be a little pricey, but when you think about how much you will use them the price really makes sense.  at least check them out.  its cool stuff.

Need Directions to Where You are Going?

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Buying a GPS program? Make sure the 1 you settle on lets you pick your route whenever necessary, offers pre-loaded roadmaps along with a screen you will see effortlessly. Say you were heading to a guitar lesson in your area, you would want to get there easily right? To determine how a TomTom XXL 540 performed we place it towards the check. For our test, we decided to consider the TomTom on the street journey and evaluated it on its ability to get us to our location effectively and also how effectively it responded to our commands along the route. This is exactly what we discovered.


The initial benefit you will notice concerning the TomTom XXL 540 will be the reality that it includes a large five in. screen. That is definitely perfect for if you are traveling and trying to get for your location. Usually when you attempt to concentrate on the small screen of some GPS devices you have to appear so long you can get into a crash. A significant screen is vital to always keeping your concentrate in your driving your vehicle like it should be as with the TomTom XXL 540.

A lot of maps are already loaded. All of North The united states is integrated with the TomTom XXL 540. You will get access to sharing maps with TomTom Map Share which has added functions integrated. Addititionally there is superior lane advice, which uses picture reasonable graphics which help you navigate more easily while traveling.

With the TomTom XXL 540, it is possible to decide on your course, both the closest or the quickest depending on visitors, and it’s quite simple to mount thanks to the award-winning Fold and Go EasyPort mount.


There are many excellent review articles for your TomTom XXL 540, but there are some unfavorable ones, as well. 1 experienced difficulty obtaining the maps to transfer to his computer, whilst another individual wanted much more instant start-up. Among the reviewers may well not know very much about how his/her computer works, and then the other liked it very well overall. It seems that other GPS techniques apart from the TomTom XXL 540 have these exact same issues too.


The bottom line is that when you are considering a GPS program that will get you for your location and you need a large display screen which is very easily installed on your dash, the actual TomTom XXL 540 will be the 1 for you personally. Obtaining to any location is actually a piece of cake as soon as you have waited slightly lengthier for your preliminary load. Backing up your maps will steer clear of dropping them all down the road. Apart from these extremely trivial problems I did not discover something that will detract in the status with the TomTom XXL 540. You will discover great benefits which includes a five ” screen, award- successful installation, nearly every thing you could need in obtaining effortlessly for your location. Not numerous other solutions even arrive shut.


Okay now you are heading to the zoo, but are completely lost.  Your husband is driving and will not ask for directions.  You are excited to get there and see the animals.  The kids are screaming in the back because they also want to see the animals.  How nice would it be right now to just whip out the GPS, punch in the name of the zoo and press go.  Then this soothing voice comes on and says turn left here.  Done… your husband got to keep his pride, your kids stop crying and you can stay sane.  Thanks TomTom.