Traveling to Australia? Check Out Their Zoos and Beaches.

Posted by on August 15, 2013
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A friend of mine went to school in Australia and he absolutely loved it there. He has since returned, but he brought back some great stories and cool adventures.

He traveled all over while he was there seeing some pretty amazing sites. A few of the things he enjoyed the most was the wildlife, zoos and beaches.

This guy is really into animals. He just loves them. He went to check out many of their zoos. He said his favorite was the Taronga zoo. In fact he says it might be his favorite zoo ever. He did meet a pretty girl there who he dated for a while, so maybe that is why. ;) He’d get his Taronga zoo discount ticket with his student ID and take his girlfriend there a lot. He told me if I ever go to Australia I have to check it out.

He would also tell me how much he loved the beaches. In fact he got into surfing there. It might have even been his girlfriend that taught him how to surf. I guess she was quite good. After surfing he would free dive on the reefs for hours.

Sounds like he had a pretty good time over there. He said it is a must see place at least once in your life.

I plan on going to Australia some day and I hope that day is soon. You should go too!

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